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Rhys Lawton is an award winning performer, writer and director based in London. With over a decade of performance experience, and skills that include puppeteering, improvisational role play, interactive performance, and voice acting, Rhys can bring any character to life. For contact details, please see the bottom of the page.

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  • Won a Les Enfants Terribles Award for co-creating The Inevitable Heartbreak of Gavin Plimsole with Sharklegs Theatre Co. 
  • Worked in conjunction with Quill & Inkling to create interactive theatre performances for young people, specifically on the Victorian Tales Storychest and Christmas production
  • Can be seen as The Bookseller in Edinburgh 48 hour film project ‘A Piece of Your Mind
  • Lee in 9ft², Rhys’ own web series, which can be viewed here
  • Skills include: Drama Workshop Leader, Improvisation, Narration, Interactive Performance, Puppetry, Repertory, Stand-up Comic, Story Telling
  • Further acting credits can be viewed here on Spotlight
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  • Demo Reel
  • Character Reel
  • January Johnson, an anxious radio host, in Ethics Town
  • Narrator for Paddleboat, a flash-fiction anthology of Rhys’ own writing
  • Captain Peter Dolian, a young hot-head willing to do anything for revenge, in The Nebulous Saga
  • Adelard de Grenville, an immortal novelist, in Monstrous Agonies
  • Elder Findlay, a mild-mannered doctor, in The Secret of St Kilda
  • Po Milan, a sinister Grand Inquisitor, in Dreambound
  • Rhys can also be heard in the Godmaker arc of Six to Start game Zombies, Run!
  • More credits available on Podchaser
  • Accents: Southern English (native), American-Standard, Cockney, Edinburgh, Essex, Irish-Southern, Liverpool, London, RP, Welsh-Standard
  • Rhys is an experienced TTRPG player, with over a decade’s experience in both gameplay and improv
  • Player on web series Who Lives Who Dice as Tutori’al, which can be found here
  • Condenser in a game of Something Muppets in the State of Denmark, an RPG of Rhys’ own creation, on Strong Branching Out
  • Shingleford in a game of High Magic Low Lives on the One Shot Network

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  • Web series 9ft², which offers a glimpse into the lives of people who find themselves in a 3ft by 3ft space. The entire series can be viewed here
  • Flash-fiction anthology podcast Paddleboat. This podcast is just a small selection of the stream-of-consciousness pieces about identity and existentialism that have been written as part of this collection
  • Experienced in translating and adapting plays for youth productions
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  • 6 years of experience as a youth theatre director at Progress Theatre
  • Director of 9ft², which can be viewed here
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  • Producer and editor of The Quantum Leopard Podcast
  • Taught English, Laban Technique, physical theatre techniques, acting methodologies & dramaturgy internationally, including at the University of London, University of Macedonia, and Southampton Solent University

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